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Saturday, 07 July 2007 09:54
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What Happened to Radio Lately?

by Eric K. Arnold Future of Music Org.

The passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 irrevocably altered the landscape of commercial radio. Supporters of this legislation claimed it would invigorate radio, but it actually had the opposite effect. The bill eased FCC-mandated restrictions on ownership, meaning that several stations in the same market could now be owned and operated by the same company. It also continued a trend away from community-oriented broadcasting, which began during Reagan administration. (In 1981, officials did away with the “ascertainment” process, jettisoning requirements that required commercial stations to determine and meet the needs of local communities.)

In the five years following the 1996 Telecom Act, a frenzy of consolidation essentially eliminated independent black radio. Locally-owned and African-American-operated stations were bought out by the dozens and reprogrammed as “urban” stations by national conglomerates. Previously, DJs, Program Directors and Music Directors were able to play music of their own choosing. Since ‘96, market researchers and consultants have determined playlists, eradicating a once-proud tradition of supporting neighborhood talent. (read rest of article here




Catch Miami's only Rap & Hip-Hop radio show for brand new music from Local and International artists. The M.I.YaYo Radio show live every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 5:00PM to 7:00PM e.s.t. (Most of the time. lol) We don't play politics just good music.


More live radio shows coming soon. We need your help to help preserve great music. Sponsor a show right now by clicking the Radio Promotion link here or on the upper left menu.




If you've out-grown commercial radio then we're glad you found us. With DaOne Radio you'll hear music & news for music lovers who don't necessarily follow one particular style of music. began broadcasting on the Internet in December of 2005 as an outlet to showcase and nurture up-coming Caribbean music and culture from around the world.




With its main office in Hollywood, Florida it became the launching pad for many of South Florida’s most talented and well-known entertainers and music promoters; such as Junior Reed, Tassan Chin, Trini-Jacobs, Chuck Fender, Red Ratt, Madd Cobra, Luciano, and many more.

We have recently changed our radio format, making it open to many more styles and genres with our focus remaining on featuring new and independent music first. If you describe your musical tastes as more eclectic than average then DaOne Radio is for you.





Da One Radio Video's, Current & Past Projects





Love this video from our friends Auder Limits. This could be our theme song.





New Clothing Line Outta Dade County GoonzWear





Thanks to Cash Money Records for sending Brisco to show love.





Original Cash Money Records B.G. comes thru to show love.





Alfalfa The StikkMann is destined for greatness plus he's his own ASCAP Publisher.


This latest mix-tape hosted by Official G-Unit deejay, DJ Epps has all the makings of a classic mix-tape.  Alfalfa The StikkMann has been a favorite on Miami's underground radio stations with a proven history of making street hits.




ALFALFA THE STIKKMAN Random Episodes Of Real Life

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