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Rap on Trial In The City Known For Corruption



Will N.O. Parrish show the evidence? The Hood's favorite Millionaire Rapper is being threatened with death penalty. ...D.A. said Lil' Boosie was ordering hits in his music even at the D.A. This reminds me of a Spike Lee Movie, but this looks for real. Call the Equal Justice Initiative and other Organizations to shed some light on this because it smells real bad. Here's the link





Albert Anastasia



You might know him as Rapper Rick Ross soon you will know him as Rapper Albert Anastasia. It all goes to prove a point that a name isn't nothing but a label and we are all witnessing what happens to labels lately. Many of us still don't understand what this Rapper is proving by way of his music. It's deeper than rap and the chief cornerstone is usually the ones the builders neglect. We live on DJ Primo M.I.YaYo Radio show on Mon, Wed, and Fri. 5pm - 7pm e.s.t.












Nikki Manaj Miami Performance



I don't know about you but I felt cheated by the performance Nikki Manaj gave at this years Best of the Best Concert here in Miami. Check out the video for yourself and let me know what you think next time we live on DJ Primo M.I.YaYo Radio show on Mon, Wed, or Fri. 5pm - 7pm e.s.t.









Miami's Own Holy G's music is the epitome of

Underground Rap & Hip-Hop. Definitely  not for the weak of heart.

Hit up DJ Player P for the Mix-Tape.





Magazines & Websites love


J-Cole,  But What Do You Think?



Is J. Cole Jay-Z's ace card?

Shout's out to Violater DJ's and 50 Cent

for puttin' DaOneRadio & the South on to this but we'll let the streets decide.

Click on video below hear to J-Cole's  response.








America's Hardest Working Model



















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